Trans-seasonal Dressing - how to get the most milage out of items you already own

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Trans-seasonal dressing refers to integrating Summer and Winter pieces in your wardrobe to create the perfect outfit. It is a great way to get the most milage out of the items you already own.

Summer Skirts or Dresses with Boots

This is the perfect combination as the weather gets cooler. Wearing boots allows you to continue to wear your printed dresses and skirts throughout the winter months.

The length is important when wearing skirts and dresses trans-seasonally. I would recommend a longer length so as to wear with both ankle and high boots.

Summer skirts can of course be paired with winter knits, and summer dresses look just as cool when paired under your favourite leather jacket.


Any type of jacket is a must have in trans-seasonal dressing. Choosing the right fabric is important, since you don't want to be wearing heavy winter fabrics yet. Choose lighter, softer fabrics when layering, this will reduce the chances of you looking and feeling bulky.

Worn over your Summer dresses, jackets will not only adds a layer of warmth but also transforms that dress into another outfit, depending on the jacket you layer.

Denim jackets gives your outfit a casual vibe, while leather jackets can make your outfit look edgy.

Blazers and tailored jackets, can add a corporate sophisticated touch to your Summer ensemble, and don't forget the trusty trench coat, it is the perfect casual or dressy trans-seasonal cover up.

7/8 or Ankle Grazer Pants

These can still be worn as the weather turns cooler. Whether they are denim, fabric or leather, they can easily be paired with ankle boots or tucked into longer boots giving them the trans-seasonal edge.

The Shacket

A mixture between an oversized shirt and a jacket, this item of clothing will effortlessly take you wardrobe from Summer to Winter. Not too dressy and not too casual, it can be paired unbuttoned over a printed tee with jeans and boots or buttoned up and tucked into a midi skirt or wide leg pants. They also look exceptionally chic when worn over the currently "on-trend" knit dresses.

Layer, layer layer!

Layering allows you to add or subtract pieces according to the weather. So whether you add a scarf, layer a lightweight cardigan over a summer dress or venture into wearing pants/leggings under a dress, layering is the key when dressing trans-seasonally. When layering think about adding different textures, lengths and remember to choose lighter fabrics so as to avoid looking bulky.

So as the weather turns colder, you don't necessarily need to pack away your Summer clothes and shop for a totally different wardrobe. Trans-seasonal dressing will help you get the most out of your existing wardrobe and easily coordinate outfits to suit the weather, with items you already own!

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