Spring 2020 New Trend - Pastels and How to Wear Them

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Welcome to Spring 2020, cue in the new trend - pastels.

Pastel colours are paler versions of colours such as pink, purple, blue, green, orange and yellow.

And come this Spring you will be wanting some sorbet inspired shades in your wardrobe.

So how do you style this colour palette?


Rose, Blush and Dusty Pink are the easiest pastel to style. These colours can be worn head to toe using a mix and match of different shades and textures. Of course pastel pinks go well with white, denim and black, but they can work equally well with army green, khaki or red, and you can even pair them with its fellow pastel green for a more feminine look.


Baby Blue and all its pastel shades, never really goes out of fashion and looks good on any skin tone.

Blue is a calming colour and has been claimed to produce relaxing chemicals and exude feelings of tranquility when wearing this shade. To top it all off, this colour can be paired with pretty much all other colours. Pastel blue can be combined with other pastel colours or used as a pop of colour when wearing other neutral colours such as white, black, beige or gray.


Pastel yellows are a little bit more difficult to wear. First you need to work out which shade best suits your skin tone. An easy generalisation, lemon works best on fair skin, while warmer, richer shades such as buttermilk complement darker, olive complexions. A pale yellow suit looks great with a white tee underneath or a pale yellow shirt can look just as great underneath a neutral coloured suit. If you are a little intimidated by this shade, try using yellow as a colour pop to your outfit eg. a bag, earrings or a scarf. And whenever you are in doubt opt for a paler shade of yellow, this will be more delicate and easier to incorporate into your existing wardrobe.


Mint, Honeydew and Pistachio green have been featured in loads of Spring Fashion collections. These shades are can be both versatile and timeless. If you are a lover of pastel colours, you will probably choose to go head to toe in these shades, but if you are a bit pastel-shy try pairing items in these colours with light denim jeans or beige skinny pants or even a pale gray suit, if you are still not convinced, wear it on your bottom half and pair with a simple white tee. And if you want to up the ante, style these pastels with black for total sophistication.


Lavender, Lilac and Mauve are universally flattering to all skin tones and hair colours. You can subtly introduce this shade in a shirt or boldly pair it with metallic for an edgier statement. These colours work well when worn head to toe in monochromatic fashion or styled with black, whites, and even bright colours.


Peach, Coral or Sherbet Orange can be a little intimidating in the pastel world. You can add a touch of these shades to beige, black, grey or white or mix multiple pastel orange shades with different textures for a tonal look. But really pastel orange can go with so many other colours, that it can be considered a neutral, since it can look just as good along side of navy, plum, khaki. Accessorising with this colour is a cheaper alternative, with the added bonus that you can wear this shade on your lips or nails for on-trend addition.


So finally you can never go wrong by adding a pop of pastel to your black/white outfit and you will look chic and elegant. All pastels can be worn with beige or pale grey and this combination will make pastels look more sophisticated. And if you find these pastel colours too 'girly' combine them with their brighter counterparts, think lavender and deep purple combinations or peach with bright orange or baby blue with royal blue or blush with hot pink or mint green with forest green. Another way to introduce pastels into your outfit is to combine them with prints that feature the same pastel colour in their pattern, this way making a connection between the pieces that make up your ensemble. Another tip to remember is that a monochrome pastel look will elongate a smaller frame, and when wearing a tonal look, try experimenting with different fabric textures to add a different dimension to your outfit. If you are still unsure about the pastel trend, dip your toes gently into this fad and start with accessories, jewellery, scarf, handbag/tote or shoes (even painting your nails with these soft colours, can be an inexpensive way to feel on-trend).

Now that I have shared a few tips on how to do Pastels, and if you are game to move away from that all-black winter outfit ......which pastel will be your favourite this Spring?


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