Choosing the Perfect pair of Jeans according to your Body Shape

A pair of jeans is an essential item in any wardrobe, so deciding the style of jean that suits your body shape is extremely important. Fashion trends often dictate what is 'the flavour of the month', but that on-trend style doesn't necessarily mean it will flatter your body shape. When choosing the right pair of jeans, one should choose a pair that fits well, camouflages problem areas and emphasises one's best features.

Understanding your body shape first will help you find the perfect pair of jeans.


Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans emphasise the hips and can elongate the legs. This type of style can be worn by rectangle and hourglass body shapes. If you are a round, triangle or inverted triangle body shape, this style may not be as flattering, since they will make the hips look heavier and more rounded.

Straight/Slim Leg

This classic style of jean hides excess weight (especially if you have thick calves or thighs) and draws attention away from your tummy, waist and hips. Recommended for all body types except rectangle body shapes, since it will highlight the absence of curves.

Boyfriend Jeans

This style emphasises the waist and hides narrow hips, so it is ideal for hourglass, inverted triangle and rectangular body shapes. This style is not as flattering for round and triangle body shapes, since they add bulk to the lower half of your body.

Flared Jeans

This style minimises the shoulders and chest. This style is not recommended for triangle body shapes. It is also not recommended for short girls, unless they are petite in length.

Wide Leg

This style will hide wide hips and thick calves but will also shorten the legs. Recommended for hourglass, inverted triangles and round body shapes.

Bootleg/Bootcut Jeans

This style elongates the leg and narrows the hips. This style suits all body shapes provided the length is right and you don't have any bunching up at the bottom hem.

High Waist Jeans

This style of jeans complements body shapes that have a long torso. The high waist elongates the lower half of the body, so ideal if you have short legs. Body shapes that benefit from this style of jean are the round (since the high waist hides the tummy), hourglass and rectangle body shapes.

This style shortens the torso, and highlights shoulders and hips, so not recommended for triangle or inverted triangle body shapes.

Cropped Jeans

This style draws attention to your ankles, since the hem sits just above the ankle. This style suits rectangle, hourglass and specially petite women. If you are a lover of this style, always remember to avoid shoes with ankle straps, since this will cut the bottom of your leg and shorten your proportions.

The Right Shade of Denim

Demin comes in a variety of shades and picking the right shade forms an important part of choosing the right pair of jeans. Darker shades of denim are my personal favourite, since they are more slimming than their lighter counterparts, and can also appear more polished, which means you will be able to wear them from casual to more dressy occasions. For a more casual summery vibe choose lighter shades of denim.

Finally I recommend choosing a pair of jeans with a certain amount of stretch (I prefer 2-4% of Elastane) since they will hug your body, creating a better silhouette and providing more comfort than rigid denim.


I hope these tips help you when looking for your perfect pair of denim, and at the end of the day, choose a style that makes YOU feel most confident!

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